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About Phoenix Duo Matrix
At “Phoenix Duo Matrix”, we offer marketing strategy consultancy services that lead to transformational marketing strategies for brands, products, and services, as well as increased sales and profits. Our services apply to both B2B and B2C projects.

Marketing Strategy Consultancy: Vision & Mission

As a marketing strategy consultancy service provider , Phoenix Duo Matrix helps companies in developing a marketing vision and mission.
A marketing vision is a statement so big, so bold, that expressing it, never mind executing it, has a transformational effect. Companies become what they want to be. While inspirational, the marketing mission is more operationally oriented and focused—it's a blueprint for directing management and employees in their everyday work towards the achievement of the vision.
The vision and mission become the relying tool for not just the marketing department, but for anyone with a vested interest in the performance of the company
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  News and Releases
  Anouncing Mrs Homemakers 2012 Delhi - NCR
  Bocuse d'Or India 2012
   1st Dec.2011 [Bangalore]
   5th & 6th Dec. 2011[Delhi]
   7th Dec.2011Pan India [Delhi]
   7th Dec.2011 Grand Finale [Delhi]
  The National Asian Wedding Show
   15th Jan 2012 - Hilton Bradfort
   5th Feb 2012 - Midlands

          Feature Events
Mrs. Home Maker
Celebrating Womenhood
Culinary Art India , 2011
Professional "Culninary Excellence "  Challenge
Golf by Nite
Qutub Golf Course, New Delhi
India Luxury Property Expo
Band of Girls
World Wide Talent Hunt
International Chef Award
2nd November, 2011
Bocuse d'Or
1st & 2nd Dec 2011 - Bangalore
5th & 6th Dec 2011 - Delhi
The National Asian
Wedding Show
15th Jan 2012 - Hilton
5th Feb 2012 - Midlands

World Food Fusion

RWA SummerCarniwel Delhi / NCR June & July 2012



Commercial Vechicle Show 2012
Leisure Valley, Gurgaon

21st-25th Nov. 2012


Automobile Show
Leisure Valley, Gurgaon

21st-25th Nov. 2012


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